Dixwell Senior Center

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New Haven, CT

Aztech Engineers, Inc. performed the mechanical, electrical and plumbing portions of the design work for this project that involved converting a section of an old printing plant into a Senior Center for the City of New Haven. The space included an open meeting room with activity rooms off to the side including an art room (complete with a kiln) and a kitchen and two toilet rooms. The whole space was brought into ADA compliance including the route from the parking lot to the Senior Center. A drop ceiling was added to the space with new lighting, a new HVAC system, fire protection and alarm and completely new electrical distribution for the space. Extensive fieldwork was required to locate and route services to the renovated area from other portions of this expansive plant. Routing the waste piping was especially challenging and as such a sewage ejection pump was installed under the Toilet Rooms. Other parts of the building had previously been renovated for use as a banquet hall and the services had to be separated between this and the new Senior Center area. The contract documents had to be put together in a way to delineate what was the tenant’s responsibility and the landlord’s responsibility as the City of New Haven is leasing this space.

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