Avon Senior Center - Sprinkler System Replacement

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Avon, CT

This project involved the study and analysis of an existing dry fire sprinkler system servicing the Town of Avon’s Senior Center and subsequent design and full construction management of complete system retrofit. The system had been plagued with persistent leaks in both the main supply and branch line piping causing damage to the surrounding building surfaces. Originally built in 1988 the system had in recent times been experiencing pitting through the pipe walls in intervals of approximately six to eight months and accumulation of heavy scale deposits. The study determined that the cause of the corrosion was improper draining and incorrect use of pipe material for the dry pipe system. The study then outlined a solution options ranging from continued replacement of pipe sections to complete removal with changeover to one of three alternative designs. Aztech Engineers assisted the Avon Public Works Department by attending town meetings and explaining the situation issues and options to the community at large. Based upon the study findings and recommendations the Town of Avon secured Aztech Engineers to design a replacement fire sprinkler system for the Senior Center and also to oversee the bid and construction phases of the project. Being determined during the study that a dry system was only required in a few spaces the new design includes both wet and dry type systems. This project demands careful attention to scheduling and sensitivity to the needs of the client as the Town plans to keep the building operational during much of the project duration.

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