UCONN Law School - Elevator Added

Hartford, CT


Due to an issue of handicapped accessibility Hartranft Hall required a new elevator so that students and professors might easily attend classes and utilize offices. After thorough studies were done to approach the issue from the exterior ancient hallways and walls were interrupted and moved so a new elevator shaft could be installed within the confines of the building.

Toilet rooms, IT closets, classrooms and offices were disrupted (along with their attendant mechanical, electrical and technology systems). Ancient ductwork had to be removed and wiring routes for computer networks had to be unraveled. New emergency lighting along the egress route was also called for and a revamped and upgraded Fire Alarm System was engineered.

Working with Du Bose Architects and Kronenberger & Sons, Inc. both of whom were sensitive to the historical nature of the building and the idyllic setting of the campus, Aztech was able to reroute and reconnect the affected systems that were disrupted by the elevator shaft's intrusion. Furthermore we were able to provide premium level handicapped services both via the elevator and by adding improved fire protection annunciating and egress lighting systems throughout the facility.

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