Church of Scientology Manhattan - Complete Renovation

New York, NYscientology

This was a complete renovation for the existing Manhattan Church of Scientology. The facility is approximately 60, square feet and contains, assembly space, classroom, lecturing and video observation/auditorium, office library, meeting facilities, fitness space and a café. Aztech Engineers, Inc. provided the MEP portion of the construction documentation, which in part consisted of relocating ductwork for space conservation, providing sauna ventilation, lighting and power for the auditorium as well as exterior signage, HVAC control revisions, review of existing drawings for conflicts, capacity requirements, and code compliance.

A fire protection plan consisting of a floor by floor key plan, fire & smoke partitions and means of egress, fire separation, and a report describing the buildings life safety systems.

Contract administration for this renovation consisting of review and response to RFI's and shop drawings, construction meeting attendance, and a final "punch list" walk through to ensure construction was performed in accordance with the plans and specifications.

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