University of Hartford Boiler Room Conversion

West Hartford, CT

univhtfd boiiler

This project involved the mechanical, electrical & plumbing (MEP) design for complete renovation and conversion of boiler room/utility plant space to be used as classrooms, administrative offices and maintenance offices and shops. Part of the building remained as central boiler plant usage while the rest was converted.

Locating the existing utilities and determining which needed to remain and which could be removed created some challenges. Some services were required to remain active and in place during construction. Fire alarms feeds that connected several campus buildings to the Safety Department and the main campus fire alarm panel ran through the renovated space. Relocating these services took a great deal of forethought and planning. There were also design challenges related to converting a space not originally intended for classroom and office usage that lacked windows and had a very high floor to ceiling height with a roof that was not easily accessible.

Working as a team with the owner, the architect and construction manager, design options were reviewed and estimated during the preliminary stages to keep the project within budgetary restraints. Varying MEP systems and approaches were employed to meet the needs of the varying functions of the space.

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