The Homes at Monterey

Community Center, New Haven, CT

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This project involved the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems design for the complete renovation and upgrade of a community center building for a major housing complex. Thorough fieldwork was performed in order to effectively use as much of the existing systems as possible. The contract documents clearly indicated what is to be removed, what is to be reused, and how to reconnect to the existing system components.

The spaces were reconfigured to better serve the community, and the HVAC systems were reconfigured to provide better zoning. In addition, new lighting and plumbing fixtures in reconfigured toilet rooms were provided.

As is typical budgetary concerns drove many project priorities. Value engineering was required after the initial design, to meet a budget that was reduced by almost one half. Cost estimates were continually updated to monitor the designs adherence to the budget. The result is a greatly improved community center renovated in a very practical manner.

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