Consolidated Schools

Consolidated SchoolsPhase 3 Alterations, New Fairfield, CT

This project involved mechanical and electrical system upgrades throughout two wings and the gymnasium of this elementary school. One of the main focuses for the project was improving indoor air quality. Fresh air was not being introduced in many areas throughout the wing, and most of the areas of concern were being over-exhausted, creating a negative space pressure. Unit ventilators were replaced in all the classrooms and installed where none existed. Balancing dampers were provided in the exhaust ducts so that exhaust air flows could be balanced corresponding to the quantities of fresh air coming into the room to ensure a positively pressurized space.

All the HVAC equipment added or replaced in this project had previously been individually controlled and is now connected to the existing building energy management system to provide better climate control and monitoring. Sequences and systems were put in place to alleviate the previous health problem of school bus exhaust fumes entering the building during the loading and unloading of the students. Due to the fast track nature of the project, long-lead time equipment items were pre-bid to assure scheduled completion. Being an existing building, it was necessary for thorough fieldwork to be performed in order trace systems and ensure that all the replacement equipment was properly incorporated into the existing systems. In addition, energy efficient lighting was installed throughout the building.

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